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Here are just a few of our success stories, client placements, offer extended/accepted.

It has been a pleasure to work with Frank, and I’m happy to say I love my new position. Finding a job is a challenging process, and it’s great to have Frank help you through it. Initially I was uncertain, because $ had to be spent before services were rendered. By doing some simple math I realizing if Frank helped be find a job 1-week sooner than I would on my own it was a good investment, so I took the leap of faith. I’m delighted I did, because Frank did exactly what he said he would do. His methods got me the interviews, so I could get the job I was looking for. I highly recommend the Frank Gump Agency if you are looking for a job.

Tim Chasey

Sr. Business Process Improvement Practitioner at AmerisourceBergen

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The Frank Gump Agency has an extensive professional network, and Frank's experience repeatedly showed through his calculated introductions and presentations of me as a candidate. One of the biggest contributions Frank made was creating an outstanding illustration of my career through an impressive revamp of my resume. I honestly believe all the doors that were opened during my career search, were a direct result of the work Frank put forth in knowing how to highlight and showcase my accomplishments. In addition to aiding my search, Frank also served as an excellent mentor to guide me through interview preparation to final job selection…as I was fortunate to end up in a position with options. I would happily recommend his services to others in need. 

Jesse Kreinbrink


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"Frank Gump and his team were a pleasure to work with, very forthright in providing expert knowledge and opinion, detail oriented, flexible and delivered as promised." Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Chuck Shaffer, Senior Quality Engineer at Bechtel Corporation

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Hi Frank,

I've tried to do a little research about how Dow "found" me.  Their executive received my resume via your contact. The resume was sent to their in-house recruiter who immediately used the link to view my profile on Linkedin and contact me. I've talked to several people who wanted to know how I accomplished this.  They are shocked at what we did, and could not believe how quick and effective it was.  Did you realize it was only 6 weeks from the day you sent my resume directly until I had a signed job offer.

I would do it again, although, I'm hoping this is my last and final job.  I would recommend you and the process we used.  It does take a lot of energy and upfront effort to make it successful.  I suspect there are few job seekers that will put the effort into the project like you and I did.

Thank you, we'll keep in touch.

David Rasco, Project Procurement and Supply Chain Executive

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DuBois Porchia wrote this reference:

I'd be happy to tell you about the great job Frank Gump has done for me so far in my search for a second career.  I just retired from the federal government (CIA), after over 21 years at the Agency and five years in the Army before that.  I was contacted by Frank, after he'd seen the resume I had distributed through an internet resume distribution service called "".  Frank Gump contacted me telephonically to introduce himself and asked a few questions regarding how my career search was going and what I saw myself doing in the future. He also gave me a brief overview of the services Franklin Management offered and how he could assist me in my career transition and job search. I was immediately impressed by Frank's professionalism, knowledge, and insights as to what I was experiencing, and the personal and professional challenges I faced, as I plunged into the unknown world--at least to me--of an executive job search for a position in the private sector.  The phone call lasted approximately 20 minutes.  After, I'd thoroughly reviewed the FM website, I had another telephone conversation with Frank but made no commitment.  During both my conversations with Frank, I really got the impression that he gave a damn about me as a person--not just a sale to be made.  He stressed that he saw his role as a partner in my career.

During the next few weeks, I received calls and e-mails from no fewer than 12 other recruiters.  All seemed anxious to recruit me into companies in the defense/intelligence contractor field.  Hell, if that was what I'd wanted, I could do that myself.  In addition, none of them offered the real personalized career transition coaching and support that I felt I needed at this point in my life as offered by Frank Gump.  The one exception was a big firm called  They promised the same type of services offered by Frank Gump but my conversations with their representatives left me with the distinct impression that they wanted the sale more then anything and I would be just one of many thousands of clients, and not really get the personalized attention I wanted.  As a result, I called Frank again.  He then forwarded two suggested FM client services packages and their prices and I picked the package that I wanted. Then the real work began

After the contract was signed and my payment made to FM, Frank sent me a two-part questionnaire or client data worksheet (a total of 38 multipart questions) to fill out.  The worksheet required essay answers not multiple choice by the way (smile).  Frank emphasized that the worksheet was very important because the information that I provided would form the basis for further discussions on how my professional skills and experiences would best transition into various job areas in the private sector.  The data worksheet would also be used to create a new resume, cover letter, and electronic resume.  Over the next two weekends I spent no fewer then 22 hours total thinking about my personal and professional accomplishments and future desires, as I filled out the work sheet.  It was a burdensome exercise but very useful because, in the process of answering the questions, I was able to closely examine all that I'd accomplished and what types of job experiences made me passionate about work  This was followed by a couple of additional short telephonic discussions with Frank regarding what I'd written.  The next exercise involved examining--in detail--the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes that best fit my skill set and interests.  I had three hour- long discussions with Frank on these and from this he generated a matrix report providing the number and types of companies that met the Job code, geographic region, and annual sales volume criteria we felt best met my job search needs.  Frank then provided the draft resume and cover letters that he and his team had developed for me and I was TOTALLY IMPRESSED!  They were fantastic.  After a few minor factual tweaks, they were ready.  Frank was very patient, supportive and encouraging during this whole process.  He had to be, as I was in job with a dynamic work environment that required me to work 12 hour days and scheduling hour-long telephone discussion was problematic at best.

One of the many positives I have derived from my partnership with Frank has been he has helped greatly reduce the number of unknowns related to my career transition.  He has given me a much greater understanding of what lies ahead and my options.  As a former intelligence professional I know the value of that type of knowledge and service.  I hope this answers your questions. Yes, I highly recommend Frank Gump.


 Dubois "D" Porchia, Central Intelligence Agency, Office of Congressional Affairs, Executive Officer

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“I have used and recommended Frank’s services, and will continue to do so, as his work regarding career coaching and the ancillary aspects that are associated with same are of the highest caliber. My personal experience has been nothing short of exceptional. From the initial conference through the development of documentation and selection of target industries, to the final output and coordination of activities, every step was a calculated maneuver which has paid off many times the value of cost. I would not hesitate but for enough time to locate his number if I had to contact him for services again. Through experience, I can highly recommend Frank to accomplish the task and focus on meeting the challenge and accomplishing the agreed upon goal.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Robert "Forrest" Rudnick - CQA

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Thanks so much for the assistance in my search. I have decided to take the position with Pixel Optics, a new start up company. Pixel has an exciting new product that we will roll out here in the Southeast. Thanks for your assistance! Best regards-

Gary Davis

Dear Frank:

“Thank you for all your help with my career search. I still have two other companies wanting to interview me! I want to thank you for all your support in establishing a new position.”

After going through a layoff in a company sell out I lost my job last August and found my situation difficult to locate a new position due to the economy and my age and location being negative in the eyes of potential employers. Frank helped me overcome that and we launched a campaign to contact several potential employers at an education industry conference which lead to many interviews with top CEO's, President's and VP's in my field. Eventually I found a great position with a company involved in selling e-learning on mobile devices.

Sincerely, Jeff Hanjian

Good Afternoon Frank,

I wanted to update and advise you regarding my ongoing Mid-Atlantic Career Search activities.  I received two excellent written job offers last week, and I have reviewed and discussed both offers with my wife Kathy. I have decided to accept the Nachurs Alpine Solutions Industrial (NASi) N.A. Business Manager – Potassium Acetate and Derivatives position.  This is a home office based position, and allows me to reconnect with six of my former Ashland Distribution colleagues who also now work for NASi. NASi’s corporate offices are located in Marion, OH their web address is Thank you for your personal Networking, coaching and encouragement during my career transition.  Best regards.

Bob Volz, Baltimore, MD

Good Morning Frank,

Hope all is well. I wanted to share with you a very positive feedback concerning the new resume you created for me. Thank you! Also had FPG International calling me yesterday with 2 possible job opportunities as Operations Manager in SC based on that resume. Best regards,

Thomas Heyn, Summerville, SC 29485